About Us

Since 2008, Springboard has built a model of engaging young Nigerians in personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. Each year, we train 50 young people to start their own organic farms. On the Springboard farms (Irese and Igbatoro), we grow plantain, banana, vegetables and maize. In other to generate more revenues, jobs and good food for the people, we convert the plantain grown on our farms into chips.

At Springboard, we transform young people in the rural communities in Nigeria into successful entrepreneurs and agripreneurs. We see a Nigeria that is famous for its entrepreneurial rural youth.

Our Mission

The mission of Springboard is to produce fresh, local, healthy, organic and affordable food that nourishes Nigerians and the environment. We gather youth and adults (women and men) from all backgrounds and abilities and provide them the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society by growing and producing organic food, caring for the land, and bringing fresh affordable produce and food to communities.


We  see a prosperous and healthy Nigeria made possible by sustainable agriculture, organic food production and personal enterprise.