Training Program

An Entrepreneurship Training in 4 Stages

Young Nigerians who are ready to take their destiny in their own hands will be provided with a Springboard to jump into a new perspective. Through a 6 months hands-on training, participants will learn how to start and run profitable business.

Stage 1: Farm Adventure

During the first stage (3 months) of the training, participants will cultivate farmland and in the process learn entrepreneurial skills such as planning, teamwork, marketing, responsibility, communication, money management etc. Participants will be put into groups and each group will be given a portion of farmland on the Springboard Farm to plant (such as maize and vegetables), nurture, harvest and market the produce in the community.

Stage 2: Business Idea Development

In this stage (1 month), each participant will apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their time on the farm to identify needs in the community, design business project to meet these needs and organize their findings into individual business plans. Participants continue to develop their entrepreneurial skills through interactive workshops that will be facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs and business owners. At the end of this stage, participants are sure of what businesses they will start after completing the training program. And they are also ready to present their business ideas to a group of successful entrepreneurs.

Stage 3: Apprenticeship

Based on the participants’ business ideas, each of them will have the opportunity to receive a hands-on training through a 2 month apprenticeship program from local entrepreneurs.

Stage 4: Graduation and Business Launch

After graduating from the program, participants will be supported to start their businesses. Micro credit (in addition to the money they earned from the sales of their farm products in Stage 1) and continuous mentorship will be given.


Other Training Programs

other training 1

Separate from the Farm and Entrepreneurship training that happens on our farm, Springboard also organizes special livelihood and value-addition training programs within and outside Nigeria. In the last two years we have taken some groups of people to India to learn different livelihood skills such as Bamboo Craftsmanship training.



We want to transform rural Nigeria into Business Hubs.  To achieve this, we train rural women in Nigeria on small business management skills, provide them with micro credit to start small businesses and support them to form community cooperatives. In 2016/2017, we trained over 200 rural women and supported them with micro credit. We have also established 20 cooperatives in 10 rural communities.


Learn and Earn Farm Training Program

Twice a year, we welcome several young people from different parts of Nigeria to learn how to start their own organic farms. While learning, they also earn some income from their activities on the Springboard farms and Springboard Seed Centre. At the end of their training, participants have the capital and basic tools to launch their organic farms.